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Our TRU CORE is redefining
what performance should be from an oversize grip.

"conforms with the rules of golf"


what makes
us better

TRU Core sets a new standard
in oversize performance

GOAT TP with TRU Core v. the competition

Know where the face is


The larger diameter of oversize grips increase the effective offset by moving the lead hand farther in front of the lead side of the shaft and face; this disrupts awareness, impact timing, & face management


GOAT grips with TRU CORE moves the grip & lead hand back onto the target side of the shaft; restores the designed offset & positions the face under the lead hand. This clarifies face awareness, encouraging your natural flow, rhythm,  to time impact with repeatable assurance & consistency. 


< target

lower is better.


Oversize grips tend to ride higher on the shaft often with an equal amount of the grip above and below the shaft plane.  This limits the ability to dampen unwanted rotation of the face plane when set in motion.


GOAT grips with TRU CORE, the grip rides ultra low on the shaft, putting more of the grip under the shaft plane; this is key to resisting the face opening in the backswing and most importantly within the transition zone.  Face remains TRU to the arc creating unrivaled consistency setting the player up for a near flawless consistent release that eats up start lines.

own the face.

Dampens unwanted
face rotation

Clarity of
the Face

unrivaled Stability

TRU CORE positions a Large % of the grip under the shaft plane to resist the face opening in the backswing especially in transition zone

3 Flat sides with a Wide Flat Paddle Front mirrors the face to improve face awareness to hit your lines with consistency

Deep Well shape sets trail hand deep behind the face for max stability and deliver the face plane with consistency

+ Leverage

+ Consistency

+ Intangibles

Wide Flat Paddle Front sets into the lead palm pad to better control the weight of the head in motion managing the transition zone for the most consistent release pattern in the game

Forward core maintains effective offset to position the face under the lead hand to consistently time impact and loft presentation dialing in near perfect speed
Face remains TRU to the arc throughout so there is no need to "find" the face- the closure rate is so consistent - just deliver the face with absolute confidence- that's how you OWN THE FACE!
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Push Harder. Dig Deeper. Be Fearless. - OWN THE FACE

we built the
in for you

When paired with a mallet or blade, It's like having the putter face in the palm of your hand

your favorite gripping style;
made better

Our TP Series accepts these favorite styles and even the one's that haven't been invented yet






Lead Hand Low


Modified Claw



begins in the connection

We understand that a grip is more than just a feature to hold onto the putter; it’s the key to unlocking consistent performance. 

Like no other, we focused on the relationship of the player’s hands to the putter face, the importance of working with the shaft plane, maintaining effective offset, and how those dynamics can create increased success on the greens.

Creating leverage will increase control the transition zone & set up your release pattern, maintaining offset will enhance the natural flow & impact timing to your stroke, and most importantly, with the assurance that impact is under the lead hand will encourage proper shaft lean and timing the delivery of the face plane at impact. Making it happen consistently, is the guiding philosophy behind our designs.  

If we can get a player more efficient in those areas, collectively, it will create a repeatable release pattern that’s near perfect; even under the pressure of big time tournament golf.  

Its about owning the face.  

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