Performance Core

repeatable consistency.

Meet the best performing plus size grip ever.  

Featuring our proprietary TRU Performance core to maintain your favorite putter’s designed offset & dampen unwanted face rotation.  

The deep well non taper shape positions the putter face under your lead hand & ramps up stability from the deep set trail hand. A wide flat paddle mirrors the face in the lead palm for absolute clarity of knowing where the face is in space.

Collectively, it encourages the face to stay TRU to the arc, won’t disrupt your putters natural flow, strengthens consistency to your impact timing, loft and face plane management, while increasing stability.   

Designed for those who are not afraid to go low. 





It's in the hands.

A hallmark seen in all great putters is they know where the face is  as it moves thru space, and more often then not, they have the ability to keep the putter face TRU or “square” to the arc throughout their stroke. 

Our connection to the putter plays a big role in managing the face, delivering consistent loft, ensuring the horizontal face plane points in the chosen direction, managing the transition zone to effectively time the beginning of your release pattern.  It is the catalyst to building confidence in “knowing” where  impact is so it can be easily repeated but, it begins in the hands. 

The best putter grips in golf with TRU Performance and deep well shape technology.

The shaft core.


Our proprietary TP series line relocates the shaft core so the grip rides ultra low and the shaft exits along the lead side of the grip’s body.  Its a blend of stability and performance not seen in the game, until now.

This core relocation better aligns the player’s connection with the shaft plane “quieting” the face and keeps the offset in check to locate the putter face directly under the player’s hand.  This encourages all important leverage to better manage the head, creates a clean visual sight picture, and is a big part of knowing where the face is, to consistently time impact.

It’s small grip performance with all the benefits of a larger + size body. 

We needed to move
the shaft core 2X

Relocating the shaft core was born from the understanding the design flaw of  center cored oversized grips is they create additional effective offset, disrupt natural flow, & awareness. 

First, the increased diameter pushes the player’s lead hand progressively farther in front of the putter’s face, increasing the effective offset; making timing impact & presenting the face plane an inconsistent challenge.   

Additionally, the grip’s increase wall thickness creates an environment where the player loses awareness of their sense of connection to the face thru the shaft.  Their hands are more likely to ride above the shaft plane and the general uncertainty and separation disrupts the natural flow to the stroke and face management.

Our solution was to move the shaft core upward within the grip so high, the thumbs virtually ride on the high point of the shaft as well have the the shaft exit along the leading edge.  Collectively, this 2 axis relocation ensures effective offset is maintained and heightens the player’s awareness in a large bodied grip to better manage the face plane as it moves thru space.  

The face is directly under the lead hand, a sense of connection is restored, and unwanted shaft rotation is dampened. 

Move #1

Ride Lo. Go Lo.

  • Hands that connect and align with the shaft plane; dampen unwanted face rotation
  • Forearm & shaft planes unify
  • Discourages over rotating the face into impact; reducing pulls

Move #2

Going Forward

  • Lead hand maintains same relationship to the face plane 
  • Maintains your putters designed offset 
  • Consistently time impact 
  • Leverage 
  • consistent delivery management of the loft and horizontal face plane
  • Clean sight picture at address

Move #2

Moving Forward

  • Lead hand maintains same relationship to the face plane as with a smaller grip
  • Your putter’s designed offset remains same
  • Consistently time impact 
  • Positioned to create leverage
  • Delivery management of the loft and horizontal face plane are consistent
  • Clean sight picture at address

Offset TP core & deep well shape are a lethal combination

To deliver the face consistently, we reduced unwanted face rotation by lowering the hand(s) connection virtually onto the shaft and located the face under the player’s lead hand, making timing impact easy. 

Further enhancing good plane and limited rotation, when the offset TRU Performance core is paired with a deep well shape, the performance was off the charts.  

Repeatable consistency goes to a new level when the lead hand assists in creating leverage and the trail hand is set deeper behind the face making it easier to manage the transition, which sets up the player’s natural release pattern under even the most stressful situations. 

Any player can Own the Face!

Once you go flat. you'll never go back.

Mirror the face, create Leverage, load the shaft, and manage the face

The wide paddle flat portion mirrors the face to heighten face awareness when you need it most.  It aids in “feeling” the face while positioning it under the lead hand to deliver the loft and face plane with precision.

Own the Face.

Every Grip "plays" the same

We decoupled effective offset from the grips size by progressively relocating the shaft core more forward and upward as the grip increases in size.  This ensures every grip in the line will “play” the same.  Same offset, Same Timing, Same Impact.  That’s a new standard in consistency.  

Whether its a 1.0, 2.0, 3.0; every grip will play the same.  

Own The Face

Push harder.
Dig deeper.
Be fearless.


precision. consistency. feel.

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own the face

 Goat Grips represents the future in performance putter grip design.  Never putt defensive again.

A hallmark of a Goat Grip is performance with + size stability.  Hands ride ultra low on the shaft to dampen unwanted face rotation.  Progressively Re located shaft bore protects the designed offset and flow rate of your favorite putter while preserving consistent impact timing. 

Shapes heighten face awareness while creating leverage for unrivaled stability & control as the head moves thru space, in the transition, and most importantly, thru impact. 

Collectively, these design features aid in reducing pulled misses, dampen wrist breakdown, and precisely  knowing when to begin your release pattern to consistently time impact, giving you legendary confidence on the greens

How do you “own the face” and roll it like a Boss?  Our product creation manager discusses the technology that is setting the new standard of performance. 



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EVA Underlisting/ Textured PU Wrap

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