TP Flat 2.0 RH – Tour Proto Grey


This is the original OG. Responsive and ready for the fight.  The Tru Performance core maintains effective offset and timing.  The deep well shape sets the trail hand well behind the face plane to provide outstanding stability.  Its small grip performance with all the benefits of a plus size grip.  This is the best oversize grip in the game today!

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This TP Flat is for any player who wants more focus on the Face Plane.

Small grip performance with all the benefits of a +size grip.

Wide Paddle Leading edge offers indisputable face plane clarity

TRU Performance core rides the lead side of the shaft to maintain effective offset for consistent impact timing

Deep Well shape sets trail hand deeper behind the face plane for supersized stability


**This is a RIGHT HAND model only***


GOAT TP Flat 2.0 RH Specifications

Style: Oversize-Non Taper -Flat Paddle Front

Length: 10.25″

Weight: 57g

Core: .590

Wrap: Textured PU Leather

Dexterity: Right Hand

Size Height: 1.065″

Size Width: 1.156″

*conforms with the rules of golf



Right Handed

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