TP Round 2.0 Tour Drab RH

The ultimate in versatility.  This TP Round 2.0 Tour Drab RH has features players demand.

TRU Core positions the face under the lead hand for predictable impact with all the stability of a larger grip size

TRU Core allows the grip to ride ultra low to dampen unwanted rotation making easy to deliver with consistency

Ultra Wide paddle allows the player to “feel” the intended line; especially with a claw style grip

Lastly, its extra long so it accepts any modern gripping style and those that haven’t been invented yet.

***Right Handed Model***



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TP Round 2.0 in Tour Drab is versatile accepting any modern gripping style.  For the player who wants to “feel” the shaft plane with super wide flat top that increases awareness along the target line.  The grip rides low to discourage unwanted rotation and sets the face under the lead hand to time impact consistently.  Its small grip performance with big grip stability.


GOAT TP Round 2.0 RH Specifications

Style: Oversize-Non Taper -Wide Paddle Top

Length: 11″

Weight: 75g

Core: .590

Wrap: Textured PU Leather- Diamond Pattern

Dexterity: Right Hand

Size Height:

Size Width:

Gripping Style:  accepts all modern gripping styles






Right Handed Model

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