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January 2023 – Palm City, FL


For immediate release; GOAT Grips announces today, the brand’s new GOAT TP 2.0 featuring its proprietary TRU Performance core technology now conforms with the rules of golf. 

The TRU Performance core is about re defining consistency without sacrificing performance in the plus size grip category. 

A flaw with oversize grips that’s often not discussed is though they help to increase stability, when gripped, the player’s lead hand is re-positioned farther in front of the shaft and ultimately, the putter’s face. This increases the effective offset, which disrupts the stroke’s timing, rhythm, making delivery of the face an inconsistent challenge.

TRU Performance core technology decouples grip size and the issue of increasing the effective offset while still offering all the stability of an oversize platform.

This is accomplished by relocating the shaft core progressively upward and more forward as the grip increases in size. This ensures every TP grip in the line up “plays” the same.  Same effective offset, same timing in delivery, and consistent impact presentation of the face.


We call it Tru Performance because its measurably easier to keep the face square to the intended path because the grip rides so low on the shaft there is more grip under the shaft plane to resist the face rotating open in the backswing making the transition smooth, unhurried, and consistent.  The release becomes reliable and easier to deliver the face.



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The best putter grips in golf with TRU Performance and deep well shape technology.

TRU Performance Core v. the Competition

"we relocated the core for a more consistent performance"

TRU Performance Core

Standard Oversize Grip

Forward Core

The TP core on the left, the shaft is re located more forward providing many benefits to the player.  Effective offset is maintained, the putter’s face is again relocated where it should be, under the player’s lead hand, and finally, the player’s trail hand is located further behind the face for the incredible stability.   

TRU Performance Core

Standard Oversize Grip

Lo Ride Core

Standard oversize grips with cores located in the center of the shaft tend to ride higher to the shaft plane but the TP core ensures the grip rides lo on the shaft.  There is more of the grip under the shaft plane to resist unwanted rotation in the backswing and transition encouraging a flawless release time after time. 

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